Ladies AND Gentlemen...

Are you ready to take your body, mind and soul to the next level?

Are you looking for a way to get back into competing or have always wanted to compete on stage?

Are you willing to give yourself the chance to let the "real" YOU out of its shell?

If so, you're ready to work with "THE PRO WHO KNOWS"  GBO Pro Bodybuilder, James Moncherry!

For those looking to compete there are many organizations to choose from, many contests to decide on and of course several categories and divisions too.

It can be very overwhelming especially if it is your FIRST SHOW, so let me help you along your journey!

If you are interested we are actually building an ( small exclusive) TEAM- ARMADA for several upcoming shows in 2023-24 seasons!

There is much I have to share with you from: which organization you should compete in, which contests based on your experience level, contest prep, mindset prep, visualization techniques, training, meal planning, "reverse" meal planning, supplement guidance, posing practice, posing suits etc. and of course "peak week".

It can be very overwhelming especially if it is your FIRST SHOW, so let me help you along your journey!


 @ 515-556-3518.TEXT

My Eperience:
Recent GBO PRO Bodybuilder - Former WNBF Fitness Pro - 2x Natural Bodybuilding Champion - NPC Open & Masters Overall Champion 2022 - National Level Soccer Player - Professional Football Conditioning Coach.

In Person or Online Training  options to ensure all Athletes get 100% of the info with the only difference being Online IG VIDEO or In Person Face2Face Coaching.

The weekly mental preparation and positive motivational "mental workouts" are the true keys to SUCCESS in ANY aspect of life...especially Sports.

What does Armada mean? In simple form..."a fleet of WARSHIPS ready for battle/WAR" and as TEAM-ARMADA you will you will be apart of our fleet that will travel to WAR and bring home VICTORY!

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